While design service firms are continually striving to increase revenues and maximize profits through expanding our reach and services, finding like-minded partner firms, improving efficiencies, and delivering consistently delivering high quality solutions to our clients, our industry is facing unprecedented challenges in other areas such as recruiting, technology changes, staff retention, staff development, and effectively conveying to our differentiator to both potential clients and employees.

Many of the small and medium sized regional firms among us are being stretched to the breaking point, not only at the project level but also at the operations and management levels and do not have access to venues to share best practices in a rapidly changing workforce environment.


The Adelphia Design Alliance is an alliance of diverse and independent , North American (and in the future – global) planning, engineering and architectural design firms that came together in support of a common purpose – to help each other to achieve our highest potential as small and medium sized firms to not just withstand but thrive in these times when firms such as ours are being consumed by large corporate empires and private equity firms. By sharing knowledge, resources and experiences as a group, we strengthen each individual member firm and enhance their strategic ability to adapt to the evolving needs of their clients, staff and the industry as a whole. Adelphia affords small to mid-sized firms an opportunity to increase the:

  • Number and quality of clients we all have access to
  • Geographic reach for all firms
  • Number of joint marketing (revenue) opportunities
  • Number and quality of alliance (partnership) opportunities, including local firms needing our influence or leadership
  • Amount of information we have access to
  • Opportunity for continuing education for our staff in multiple sectors
  • Opportunity to share best practices in day-to-day management, marketing and operations of our firms