While design service firms strive to increase revenues, expand our reach, find like-minded partner firms, and develop our staff, our industry is facing unprecedented pressure to produce more complex designs in a shorter time span with fewer resources, from ever more demanding clients. Many of the small and medium sized regional firms among us are being stretched to the breaking point.

Additionally, competition from the large and mega-firms, and the bundling of projects by our clients, prevents many of us from competing on more complex and technically-challenging projects locally and across the country. Combined with the increasing popularity of public private partnerships, many of us are feeling left on the sidelines.


The Adelphia Design Alliance is an alliance of independent, full-service, North American (and in the future – global) engineering and architectural design firms that came together in support of a common purpose – to close the gap between the intimate service offering we continue to provide within each of our individual cultures and the scale of technical services and geographic reach that large and mega-firms offer.  Adelphia affords small to mid-sized firms an opportunity to increase the:

  • Number and quality of clients we all have access to
  • Geographic reach for all firms
  • Number of joint marketing (revenue) opportunities
  • Number and quality of alliance (partnership) opportunities, including local firms needing our influence or leadership
  • Amount of information we have access to
  • Opportunity for continuing education for our staff in multiple sectors