Company Contact

Brett Binkley
President & CEO

Client Type

Public Works, Land Development, Industrial, Pipeline and Exploration & Production markets.

Office Locations

Company Headquarters:
1710 Seamist Drive
Houston, TX 77018

office:  (585) 472-5271

Other Company Locations:
Austin, TX, College Station, TX and San Antonio, TX.

Services Provided

UTILITY ENGINEERING SERVICES: Pipeline Services, Underground Transmission & Distribution, Overhead Distribution, Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Utility Coordination, Subsurface Utility Engineering, Construction Management & Inspection Services

SUBSURFACE UTILITY ENGINEERING SERVICES: Quality Level A through D, Utility Designation & Mapping, Establishment of Horizontal and Vertical Utility Location, Data Collection for Utility Coordination and Design, Vacuum Excavation

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Transportation Systems Planning – Subarea/Corridor Planning, Land Planning/Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Schematic Development- Route Studies and Schematic Design (Minor Roadways), Route Studies and Major Design (Major Roadways), Route Studies and Schematic Design (Complex Highways), Minor Bridge Layouts, Major Bridge Layouts, Multi-Level Interchange and Exotic Bridge Layout. Roadway Design – Rural/Urban US Highways and Toll Roads, Major Freeway Interchanges and Direct Connectors, Residential Street Reconstruction, Boulevard Design, Streetscape Design, Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design, Change From Open-ditch Asphalt to Depressed Concrete Curb and Gutter Streets, County Roads, Median Beautification, Street Light Upgrade/Addition

STRUCTURAL SERVICES: Bridge Design – Roadway Grade Separation, Railroad Grade Separation, River Crossings, Direct Connectors, Fault Crossings. Hydraulic and Hydrologic Design – Roadway Drainage, Hydrologic Studies, Basic Hydraulic Design, Complex Hydraulic Design, Pump Station Hydraulics, Pump Station Electrical, Pump Station Structures

TRAFFIC DESIGN SERVICES: ADA Curb Ramp Design – Illumination Design, Intersection Improvements, Roundabout Design, Signs and Pavement Markings, Signal Design, Traffic Control Plans. TRAFFIC STUDY SERVICES: Access Management Studies, All Way Stop Control Studies, Capacity Analysis, Corridor Analyses, Pedestrian Studies, School Traffic Management Plans, Sight Distance Studies

PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES: Water – Water Plant Design, Water Transmission Lines, Water Distribution Lines, Conveyance Canals, Pumping Stations, Rehabilitation of Existing Pumping Stations, Storage Tank Design & Rehabilitation, Disinfection, SCADA, Structural Design, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing, Construction Administration and Management, Construction Observation, Instrumentation, Drainage, Storm Sewer Design, Channel Design, Special Structures, Channel Restoration Design, Detention Facility Design Hydraulic & Hydrologic Analysis, Wastewater – Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems, Bio-Solids Processing, Collection System Design, Industrial Treatment, SCADA, Municipal Treatment, Lift Stations, Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation, Site Assessments, Air Pollution, Odor Control, Permitting, Electrical and Instrumentation, Construction Administration and Management, Construction Observation, Structural Design, Roadway – Roadway Design, Alignment & Corridor Studies, Streetscape Design, Multi-Use Trail Design, Traffic Control Planning

LAND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: Land/Site Development – Commercial Development, Industrial Development, Retail Development, Office Development, Residential Development; Streets – Roadway Design, Alignment Studies, Streetscape, Storm Sewer; Structural Design – Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridges, Steel Girder Bridges, Box Culverts, Timber Bridges, Pump Station Structures; Water/Wastewater – Treatment Plant Design, Pumping Station Design, Lift Station and Force Main Design, Ground and Elevated Storage Tank Design, Large and Small Diameter Pipeline Design, Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Design, Permitting, Drainage, Hydrologic & Hydraulic Studies, Channel Design, Detention Facilities, Storm Sewer Facilities

SURVEY SERVICES: Land Boundary Surveying, Topographic Surveying, Route Surveying, ROW Mapping, Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys, Control for Aerial Mapping, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Construction Surveying, Platting, Locative Surveys, Surveys for Political Boundaries, Abstracting, Bathymetric Surveys, Investigative Surveys, Terrestrial Laser Scanning

ARTERRIS/GIS: Arterris embraces Project(s) Portal(s), Geographical Information Systems, Web Distributed CADD generated drafting, document libraries, information from disparate silos within an organization, and information outside the organization. GIS focuses primarily on the map while Arterris focuses on the organization across all business lines leveraging all existing systems GIS, CADD, Work Order, Customer Info, Accounting, Incident, Project, and others. Whether you need to view details, history, or use analytics to predict; the data presents only what is meaningful to you. This information can also be combined with safety data, financial or work orders to facilitate a more comprehensive approach to decision making. Having access to quality information at the click of a button will prove to be beneficial for all. Arterris unifies an organization allowing for clarity of purpose while attaining unparalleled reporting, effectiveness, traceability and efficiency. Arterris utilizes available information in its current format allowing non-geographers, non-CADD operators, non-accountants, managers, department heads, etc. to ask questions of the information. Users can see through the data debris focusing on answers utilizing portals, dashboards, maps, queries, forecasting tools, document libraries, and a host of other means.