We speak your language

Few business barriers are more difficult to surmount than those of language. Whether it is actual language barriers encountered during domestic or international pursuits, or simply being able to relate to our clients in their local markets, Adelphia offers our clients the ability to smoothly transact business around North America and the world. Every member firm is proficient in English, and some member firms also speak Spanish and French.

One phone call connects our clients to a global network

Adelphia provides instant built-in expert engineering and architectural contacts with independent, indigenous firms in any part of North America and, in the future, around the globe. The presence of Adelphia’s member firms in so many places around the continent means fast, efficient and personalized engineering and architectural services often no more than a phone call away.

We connect our clients to a world of opportunities

Our network also help clients broker potential business opportunities around the continent. For example, you might be a French real estate developer interested in acquiring a U.S. parcel of land to establish a U.S. presence; or a US REIT wishing to build a new product in western Canada; or a Georgia-based manufacturer looking to build a new factory in Alaska; one phone call between member firms will connect our clients to a complete suite of services anywhere we operate.

We help our clients find local resources

Adelphia’s member firms are independent, with strong networks within their local communities. Through their local connections and relationships, they help clients find capable professionals and experts in other disciplines beyond engineering and architectural services.

Our members are cost efficient and technologically advanced

Each member firm is specifically chosen for the ability to offer a high degree of expertise as well as a commitment to cost efficiencies for our clients. Adelphia members employ the latest technology to communicate, share drawings and concepts digitally, and transfer vital information.

Our clients continue to receive personalized service

Adelphia’s philosophy is based on personal contacts, with clients and with each of our member firms. Within a matter of hours, our clients can be in communication with a principal or partner of a member firm across North America, or globally.

Our members come together regularly to stay up to date with technical, fiscal, legal, political and business trends and developments anywhere we operate, allowing the exchange of knowledge and new ideas, and to create relationships for the benefit of Adelphia members and their clients.

We offer strength, scope & flexibility

In today’s society, many clients have property outside of their domestic assets, or business interests with technical needs outside their home country. Having Adelphia working for them means they have the strength, scope and flexibility to receive advice on architectural or engineering matters across North America and around the world.