Company Contact

Christopher Smith, P.E.
Vice President

Client Type

Transportation, Land Development, Energy

Office Locations

Company Headquarters:
135 Calkins Rd.
Rochester, NY  14623

office:  (585) 472-5271

Other Company Locations:
Buffalo, NY; Syracuse, NY; Erie, PA;
Pittsburgh, PA

Services Provided

Renewable Energy (Wind/Solar): Environmental Permitting, Civil Engineering, Environmental Assessments, Erosion/Sediment Control Plans, Site Restoration Plans, Road Crossing and Access Permits, Agency Coordination, Local Government Coordination/Site Plans/Zoning Approvals, Environmental and Stormwater Monitoring/Inspection, Topographic and Boundary Surveys, Construction Layout
Gas: Pipeline Routing and Constructability Review, Pipeline Surveying, Pipelines, Well Pads, Compressor and M&R Station Site Design and Approvals, Mitigation Plants, Stormwater Design, Highway Occupancy and Access Roads Design and Permitting, Roadway Assessments, Truck Routing Plans, Construction Inspection, Asbuilt and Data Management
Electric: Environmental/ Civil Engineering for Electrical Transmission Lines, Sub-Station Infrastructure Improvements, Reconductoring, Shield Wire Replacement, Maintenance, Pole Replacement, Utility Extensions, UFPO Coordination

Land Development Services: Due Diligence/Site Investigations, Site Design, Land Planning, Zoning/Entitlements, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPS), Landscape Architecture, Brownfield Redevelopment, Sustainable Design & LEED Services
Environmental Services & Regulatory Compliance: Phase I & II Site Assessments, Federal/State Regulatory Compliance, Noise/Air Quality Services, Wetlands & Biological Studies , Threatened & Endangered Species , Surface Water Erosion & Sediment Control, State & USACE Agency Permitting , Hazardous Waste/Contaminated Materials Assessments, Asbestos Inspection, Wildlife Habitat Services

Highway Design Services: Highway Design, Scoping and Planning, Construction Support and Inspection, Highway Access Permitting, Funding Applications, Cost Estimating, Traffic Signal Design
Structural Design and Inspection Services: Structural Analysis and Design, Inspection and Testing Services, Highway and Pedestrian Bridges, Buildings and Parking Structures, Tunnels, Docks and Canal Structures, Retaining walls
Traffic Analysis and Design Services: Accident Review & Mitigation, Arterial/Access Management, Intersection Design, Signal Coordination, System Inventories, Traffic Forecasting & Analysis, Traffic Impact Studies, Visualizations
Landscape, Park, & Trail Design: Recreation, Park, and Trail Design, Streetscapes and Waterfront Development, Transportation Enhancement Projects, Grant Writing, Safe Routes to School, Rails-to-Trails, Park Master Planning

Concrete Evaluation – Non-Destructive Testing: Impact-Echo-Impulse Response, Concrete Testing and Assessment, Structure Rehabilitation
GIS: Strategic Planning, Needs Assessment, Spatial Database Design, Data Development, User Training, Process Development, Application Customization, System Implementation, System Support
Visualizations: Dynamic and Interactive 3D Model, Satisfy SAFETEA-LU Requirements, Multi-Modal Traffic data, Identify Problems Early in Design, Gain Stake Holder Buy-In, View Proposed Alternatives, Interchanges, Structures, Sites & Roadways, Roundabouts, Accident Reconstruction
Landscape Architecture:

Construction Phase Design: Temporary Structures, OSHA requirements/Safety Reviews, Environmental Sampling and Evaluations, Pre-construction Condition Surveys, Erection/Demolition Engineering, Construction Support Engineering
Construction Inspection: Detailed Inspection, On-site Field Testing of Materials and Equipment, Field Measurement and Collection of Payment Data, Shop Drawing Review, In-house Design Support, Monthly Estimates, Final Estimates, and Progress Reports, Record Keeping, Detailed Plans Illustrating Changes from the Contract Plans
Construction Survey: Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM), Machine Control Assistance with Setup, Data Review, QA/QC Checks, Control Establishment and Re-establishment/Verification, Full Project Stakeout, Building Layout, Grade Staking
Construction Scheduling: CPM Scheduling, Cost Loading, Resource Loading, As-Planned versus As-Built Analysis, Sequence of Delay, Cumulative Effect of Changes, Time Impact Analysis

Survey Services: Topographic Survey, Horizontal and Vertical Control, Control for Photogrammetric Mapping, Fathometer/Hydraulic Surveys, Construction Stakeout, Laser Scanning, Subsurface Utilities, Machine Guidance Control
ROW Services: Deed and Right-Of-Way Research, Real Property Title Surveys, Subdivision Platting, Easement Mapping and Legal Descriptions, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey & Mapping.