Member Benefits

Adelphia Members share viable business development leads, leverage technical resources between firms to support client deliverables and conduct Member-to-Member QA/QC and peer review. We’re excited about our progress, our prospects and the collective commitment and passion our Members bring to win work through the Alliance.

Increased Business Development Opportunities:

  •  Revenue Growth
  •  Market Share Expansion/ Market Diversification

Ability To Compete On Larger and more complex Business Development Opportunities (through partnering/teaming)
  • Expanded and/or new market areas
  • Shared risk on more complex assignments
  • Increased opportunities and knowledge expansion for staff
  • Building of a “national” and/or “international” corporate resume
Adelphia Member Firms Benefit By:

  • Increased business development capabilities
  • Expanded practice market(s)
  • Enhanced company visibility through Adelphia website
  • Increased shared knowledge/ Sharing of information and contacts
  • Resource Leveling/ Resource Sharing
  • Peer review assistance
Expert Sales Support & Training Through Adelphia Staff:
  • Sales Training
  • Client and Pursuit Strategy Development
  • Pursuit Support (proposal review/ interview preparation and coaching)
  • Business plan development and support

Personal & Professional Development (through continuing education – committees):
  • More informed and intelligent employees make for better & stronger companies
  • Greater employee engagement