Company Contact

Chris L. Schultz, P.E.
President & COO

Client Type

Education (K-16), City County State, Transportation, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Federal, Healthcare. Also serve as subconsultant to the Prime A/E designers and testing services for Contractors.

Office Locations

Company Headquarters:
12821 W. Golden Lane
San Antonio, Texas 78249

office:  (210) 699-9090

Other Company Locations:
Austin, TX; Brownsville, TX; Dallas, TX; Freeport, TX; Houston, TX; McAllen, TX; New Braunfels, TX; Salt Lake City, Utah; Reynosa, Mexico; Mexico City

Services Provided

Environmental Planning, Permitting, Regulatory Compliance, Geotechnical Design, Specialty Testing, Materials Testing, Construction Inspections, Public Private Partnership (P3), Levees, Dams, Land Acquisition, Environmental, Program Management, Utility Coordination, Value Engineering, Planning, Project Management, Forensic Studies, Building Envelope Consulting, Laboratory and Field Testing, Cultural Resources, Natural Resources, Energy Audits, Facilities Assessments, Building Commissioning, Expansive Soils Specialization and Mitigation, Roadway and Parking Lot Pavement Design, Structural Steel and Mechanical Piping Inspection and Testing, Education, K-16, GIS, Geosciences, ROW and Property Acquisition, Due Diligence, Value Engineering, Strategic Asset Management, Recycling Research and Technology, Design Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Construction Quality Assurance, Roofing/Waterproofing Design Testing, Owner’s Representation, Design Build, Construction Manager at Risk, Sports, Entertainment, Materials Testing Lab Services, Oil, Gas, Coal Power Plants, Nuclear Plants, Solar, Wind Farms, Transmission Stations and Lines, USACE, Public Involvement, Water Resources, Well Siting, Water Treatment, Capital Planning, Site Selection, Project Control, Surveying, Design Review, Military Installations.